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What Is Content Marketing?

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Content marketing is more than just putting words on a screen and hoping people read your blog. It’s about providing your audience with useful, relevant information to meet their needs. 

Effective content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online content, not necessarily to sell your product or service, but to provide information and generate interest. It is a way to communicate with your audience and develop a relationship with them, not just sell to them. 

Think of GoPro making videos of amazing adventures shot with their cameras or a hotel writing a blog about top attractions in their city. These are both examples of content marketing that informs and entertains rather than giving an aggressive sales pitch. 

Consumers enjoy this communication so much more than the out-of-touch “used car salesman” approach. It draws customers to you naturally and breeds trust and loyalty.

Why Is It Important To Have a Solid Content Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business?

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We don’t have to tell you sales tactics have changed. Consumers don’t want to deal with pushy sales content anymore, and with today’s technology, they don’t have to. So how do you grow your business without sounding like a door-to-door salesman? Content marketing. 

Almost half of consumers, 47%, view three to five pieces of content before ever engaging with a sales rep. Whether that means reading a blog, watching a video, or liking a post on Instagram, those interactions all have one thing in common. They drew the consumer to you. 

By creating the right kinds of content and distributing it strategically, you naturally attract an audience that is interested in your products. If your content is valuable, which it should be, they come to see you as a trusted authority. When they purchase, they’ll likely look to you first. 

Content marketing helps build a strong relationship between your brand and your consumers. It works with the other aspects of your marketing strategy to generate awareness, build trust, and provide value to customers.

How Does Content Marketing Generate Leads

Content marketing may be new terminology, but content itself has been generating leads and driving sales for hundreds of years. What used to be word-of-mouth stories passed between friends has now become blogs and Tiktoks. 

The medium has shifted but the underlying concept remains the same – give your audience valuable information from a trusted source. Tell them a story, prove you can meet their needs, and you’ve got a loyal customer. 

If a consumer is searching for topics related to your business, they may come across one of your blogs. From there, they could explore your website more and watch a video about your product. The video might show that you have exactly what they’re looking for so they join your mailing list. Now, you’ve got a hot lead. 

Maybe a consumer doesn’t even know they have a problem to be solved. They may be browsing social media and come across one of your posts with an image that stands out. If they Google you, they may see your website with a headline that catches their eye. Before you know it, they’ve downloaded your ebook to learn more. 

These may be obvious, simplistic examples, but there are plenty of ways that content is beneficial. From driving traffic to generating awareness, it all serves to meet customers’ needs and move them through the funnel to convert.

What Sort Of Content Marketing Works Best?

Everything you consume is content – Facebook posts, blogs, podcasts, white pages, website pages, images, all of it. That gives you a lot of options for what content you share with your audience. 

There is no one best type of content for everyone, but there are a few best types of content for you. It all depends on your audience and your business. If you sell shoes to teens, you’ll probably want to create Tiktoks and videos over long articles. If you sell software services to executives, you may lean toward case studies and video demos. 

Get to know your audience and their preferences. Where do they spend time? How do they consume content? Has certain content performed well for you in the past? That can all tell you which type of content marketing will work best for you going forward. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Work with an experienced content agency to develop a strong strategy as your foundation, then see what resonates with your customers.

Why Choose Unified for Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing is critical for your business, but it’s hard to do right. Content creation alone can take a significant amount of time and effort each month and developing the right strategy is an undertaking in and of itself. 

Don’t try to do it all yourself. Unified Marketing is a leading content marketing agency in Mildura ready to help you succeed. We specialise in strategy development and implementation, including content creation, distribution, and promotion. 

Our team is experienced in creating any type of content you need, including blogs, social media posts, images, videos, ebooks, and more. When paired with our SEO expertise, you can feel confident that you’re not just being found by the right people, but connecting with them. 

We also offer complementary services like marketing automation, inbound marketing, and social media marketing to take your business to the next level. We look forward to working with you!


Content marketing and digital marketing are closely related. Digital marketing involves promoting an organisation online and content is often used to do that. As one aspect of digital marketing, content can help a business connect with customers, build its brand, and gain trust and loyalty.

Think of digital marketing as the whole toolbox. Content marketing is the hammer inside that supports almost every job. Both are needed to accomplish your business goals.

Content marketing and SEO should be two of the most connected strategies you have. They both have significant impacts on each other and when synchronised, they can be powerful tools for your success. 

SEO helps you identify appropriate keywords and structure your content so that it can rank higher in search results. As you implement SEO tactics, your content naturally becomes better not just for search engines, but for actual human readers. 

When quality content is distributed strategically and performs well, that gets noticed by search engines to make the content rank even higher. The two function as a type of feedback loop of continuous improvement.

While both have their time and place, content marketing is slowly becoming preferred over traditional marketing. Content marketing is less sales-ey, choosing instead to educate, entertain, or inspire, rather than aggressively sell. 

Traditional marketing takes a more outbound approach, inserting messaging in front of audience members who may not always be interested. Content marketing is an inbound strategy, attracting interested customers naturally by providing value.

There’s more to content marketing than just posting a blog a couple times a month. You need a solid content marketing strategy to guide your content and achieve your goals. 

The best way to develop a content marketing strategy is to start with your overall marketing strategy. Look at your customer profiles and audience habits and preferences. What goals are you working towards? These will both help you decide where to distribute your content and what kind of content will work best. 

Then, look at some of your SEO insights. What keywords are consumers searching for related to your product? Use your own experience to understand what questions customers typically have or what information they seek. Then, create content based around these topics. 

It can be difficult to develop a content strategy all on your own, especially for small businesses. We recommend working with an expert agency like Unified to make sure your strategy is sound.

Content marketing examples can be found almost anywhere. If you’ve ever searched for marketing topics, you’ve probably come across blogs from Hubspot, a marketing software. These are all examples of content marketing. 

Ever seen a video from a clothing company on how to style their new trousers? That’s content marketing. The podcast from a news organisation telling you the headlines everyday is content marketing. 

Once you start looking, you’ll see content marketing everywhere!

Measuring the success of content marketing can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. As with any marketing tactic, it’s important to set your performance goals and measure progress regularly. 

Your specific performance metrics will depend on the goals you have for your content and your overall organisation. You may want to measure things like website traffic, click through rate, form submissions, or engagement. 

Other things like brand awareness will be harder to measure but an agency like Unified can help you determine the best way to do so.

Content marketing is about meeting the needs of your target audience through content that educates, entertains, or inspires. Rather than direct selling, content marketing naturally draws customers to you. 

It’s a great way to develop relationships with your audience and establish yourself as a trusted authority. Organisations that successfully use content marketing often enjoy greater brand loyalty and see better results.

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Content is everywhere and content marketing is a sure way to grow your business. With the right strategy, you can increase awareness, build trust, and cultivate loyalty from your customers.

Unified Marketing is a content marketing leader in Mildura, ready to help you with creation, distribution, and more. Talk with our team today to get started.

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