Frequently Asked Questions

Unified Marketing

1. What is digital marketing and why it matters?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that happen online or over electronic devices. It’s a broad term that has a lot of different aspects, including social media, your website, content marketing, and SEO. 

Many businesses turn to a digital marketing strategy as a cost effective way to reach more potential customers. As more and more people log on to the internet, your business can connect with a huge audience all around the world. 

Digital marketing helps to grow your business no matter your size or budget. Connect with the right customers through the right channels and see real time results. A digital marketing strategy is a must for businesses wanting to grow and succeed. 

2. How to create a digital marketing strategy?

To create a digital marketing strategy, you’ll first need to set clear goals and objectives for your business. Think about what you would like to accomplish in both the short and long term. Be as specific and quantifiable as possible. 

Once you know your goals, evaluate where you are currently with respect to them. What steps do you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be? Connect those steps to the various aspects of digital marketing – SEO, content marketing, paid ads, etc. 

Once you have these general guidelines, it’s time to get specific. Create buyer personas to better understand your customers. Complete an audit of your current efforts. Think through seamless integration and the customer journey from beginning to end. 

Put the pieces together and measure your performance. Make adjustments as needed and watch your business grow!

3. How to promote business through digital marketing?

There are endless ways to promote your business through digital marketing depending on your goals. First and foremost, use your digital marketing strategy as a guide. Align your promotion efforts with your overall goals. 

From there, look at your buyer personas to understand what will resonate the most with your target audience. What channels and messaging are best to communicate and connect with them? 

You will likely use multiple methods within the digital marketing umbrella. Paid ads are targeted and effective to drive conversions. Social media marketing is helpful to build brand awareness and trust. SEO is important to drive website traffic. Balance your time and efforts across channels with a focus on what will yield the highest ROI. 

4. Why you need a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy isn’t just a ‘nice to have,’ it’s essential to the success of your business. An effective marketing strategy gives you and your team clarity, purpose, and most importantly, results. 

Your marketing strategy will be a guiding light for your brand. It provides a lens through which to make important decisions like which opportunities to pursue, how you want to be perceived, and how you will grow. 

With this clear focus, your digital strategy will help you drive results. You’ll easily understand where to focus your time and efforts to make the most progress. A good strategy will also lay out key goals and metrics so you can clearly measure your results. 

Think of a digital marketing strategy like the navigation system in your car on a road trip. You probably won’t get very far without it. 

5. How can digital marketing help me grow my business? 

Digital marketing is a powerful tool to help your business grow. Building your online presence is a great way to connect with a larger customer base not only in your local area, but across the world. 

The advanced technology of today’s world lets you easily find the right customers at the right time in their journey. You can target those who are interested in your products and services to deliver meaningful messages through channels they already use and trust. 

Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to connect directly with customers like never before to build relationships, not just transactions. This directly translates to customer loyalty and business growth. 

6. What channels do you work with?

Digital marketing campaigns can be, and often are, run across multiple channels. Unified Marketing specialises in a few in particular. We work with social media marketing channels, including messaging and chatbots. We are also experienced in paid advertising to drive traffic and conversions. 

Our team strongly believes in the power of inbound marketing so we utilise content marketing strategies and channels to share your value with customers. This may include email marketing, digital content like blogs, even the content of your actual website. 

All these channels are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another so you and your customers receive the best experience and the best results. 

7. How much does digital marketing cost?

Digital marketing costs are influenced by several factors. Pricing will often depend on the scope of the project or campaign, the size of your company, your goals, and the necessary software or tools. Of course, this cost will also take into account the budget you have set for any paid campaigns. 

Tailored solutions, like those offered by Unified Marketing, vary with the factors listed above. Please reach out for a quote to meet your needs.

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