Social Media Marketing

Social Media has Changed the Way we Live Our Lives

It's Powerful, Unavoidable & Here to Stay

Social media marketing is much more than just making a Facebook profile. When done correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for reaching and connecting with your target audience. It’s critical to be on the right platforms with the right messaging to make an impact. 

Unified will partner with you to determine which platforms best align with your audience. We can help you optimize your current profiles or create new ones to stand out on a feed. We take into account SEO best practices of each platform and blend that with extensive keyword research to make sure your profile is found by users looking for your services. 

Once your profile is developed, we create an integrated social media strategy for when, where, and what to post. Though each channel is different, they should all seamlessly work together to achieve your goals. It’s a fine balance between promotion, engagement, and social listening and our team are experts at achieving that.

Many companies underestimate how much time an effective social media marketing strategy requires. As a result, they approach it as an afterthought and are disappointed with subpar performance. Depending on your team, we can offer just a little extra help or manage your entire social media strategy. We’ll put in the time and effort to get results. 

We’ll monitor and provide performance metrics regularly so you can see the benefit of your investment. Schedule a social media marketing consultation with us today to get started.

Did You Know?

In Today's Market an Effective Social Media Strategy is Critical for Your Business

It Fact
of the world's population is on social media
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