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Proudly supporting small business through the ASBAS program.

Important Business Drivers

Business growth comes from key business drivers – strategy, sales and marketing.       
Business viability and continuity comes from -operations, finance, legal, compliance, product and service quality, available markets, logistics and people. There is an important symbiotic relationship between these business areas that creates successful and profitable businesses.   
We typically find that businesses are strong across the operational “viability” and “continuity” aspects but they lack strategy and sales and marketing focus to grow.      

Proudly supporting small businesses through the ASBAS program.

Mandi Davies is a proud provider of Victorian Small Business Coaching, as well as a provider of the Australian Small Business Advisory Service Program. With her decades of expertise in the fields of business planning, development, and marketing, she provides a wealth of opportunities to small businesses searching for advice and coaching.

For many small business owners, navigating the world of digital marketing and advertising is daunting, and as a result, many small businesses avoid it. But this also results in missed marketing opportunities, fewer sales, and a small or absent online presence. Through the ASBAS program, Mandi Davies helps business achieve better outcomes for their business, especially with relation to their digital presence.

For more information on eligibility for the ASBAS program and what’s included, click here. Mandi is one of the approved digital solutions providers who can work with your small business to improve sales outcomes and online presence for your business.

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