Events Marketing

Creating experiences that connect brands with people is our passion.

Transforming Brands by Humanising Them

Events are a uniquely heuristic approach to marketing a brand, a story, or a purpose. There will always be something special about bringing humans together — because this is where we intrinsically want to be. 

Unified Marketing has a passion for bringing what makes a brand human to its audience, connecting them in ways that are more social, personable, and emotional. We bring brands out of the mist of social media and content and into an experiential event that leaves a lifelong impression.

Mandi Davies has worked with global brands in the events marketing space for over 12 years, creating memorable experiences that make an impact. She believes in the principle that brands should be experienced, not just advertised.

Having worked with a range of Australian and International brands, Mandi has managed and coordinated product launches, charity balls, and tourism events. She has gracefully navigated the challenges associated with event management during the COVID pandemic. 

Unified Marketing has the skills and experience to make your brand tangible, human, and experiential for your audience through a successful marketing event.

How Events Marketing Takes Your Brand To The Next Level

Whether you are a startup jewellery brand or a well established car manufacturer, bringing your audience together for a visceral experience of your brand and product creates impact and memories. This creates new business and revenue opportunities, as well as giving you a chance to learn more about your audience.

Unified Marketing creates beautiful, memorable, and affordable events that transform a lifelong memory into ongoing business opportunities. We design and develop the event as per what you wish to achieve from it and in complete alignment with your business’s values. 

With an event, your company has an opportunity to engage with your customer one-on-one, in an old-fashioned yet modern approach to direct marketing. While events might be an opportunity for your customers to purchase a service or product, they are less salesy than typical forms of direct marketing. In fact, it is a chance for your customer to learn more about your brand, and therefore create long-lasting impressions that are designed to provide business long into the future.

Mandi Davies and the team at Unified Marketing organise and plan the event, create a run sheet, manage decor and style, and market your event so that tickets sell out. We help your business reach broader audiences than the digital world alone, taking your brand to the next level and connecting your audience with who you really are.

Let’s chat about how events can transform your brand.