Strategic Marketing

Experienced growth strategy specialists who know how to grow your business

Stimulating Operational & Financial Success

The symbiosis between operational business outcomes and financial success is the cornerstone of a profitable business. Unified Marketing focuses on the key business drivers that stimulate the symbiotic relationship between business growth, viability, and continuity.

Business viability and continuity depend on the operational, legal, and compliance strategies used to continue providing services and products. But growth depends on the important drivers of business — strategy, sales, and marketing. 

We have found that many businesses have successfully implemented strategies for business continuity and viability, but lack knowledge in how to successfully strategise their marketing and sales components to encourage growth. Using data driven, proven methods, and decades of experience, Unified Marketing develops a marketing strategy perfectly tailored to grow your business to achieve highly successful operational and profitable outcomes.

Developing Strategy; Growing Businesses

With our expert knowledge and experience, the strategic marketing specialists at Unified Marketing comprehensively review your business’s current growth strategy (if there is one), and develop a proven growth strategy.

We tailor that strategy to match your business’s internal capabilities while simultaneously working with your team to upskill and improve internal skill sets. In doing so, we identify the potential areas for growth and we set up a road map for how to get there.

Goals & Objectives

Unified Marketing works with your goals and objectives for growth and success. We create a marketing strategy that works towards achieving your business’s unique goals. We work together to achieve your business' dreams of large scale growth.

Market Opportunity

We strategise a growth plan based on the availability of a market segment, as well as analysing how difficult it is to secure this market. This is what makes our strategy viable for your business.

Sales Program

We develop a new sales program based on the benefits and setbacks of your current sales approach, and create a roadmap for new customer acquisition and customer retention.

Business Capability

We identify the unique expertise and capabilities of your business and we develop a marketing strategy that works realistically with your operational and financial position. As your business grows, we continue to develop strategy based on your growing business capabilities.

Target Market

We apply experience and expertise in data analytics to ascertain your target market, their expectations, motivations, and requirements. This allows us to create a profile of who your business serves and what they need.


Unified Marketing develops a unique marketing mix specifically tailored to your business, its capabilities, and its needs.

Budget & Model

Using your business’s current financial situation, we set the budget and outline the model we use for your unique business growth strategy. We match the financial capability of your business with a strategy that will see you grow without adding undue pressure.

Value Proposition

We creatively construct a value proposition that matches your business offer and puts you in a competitive position within your market segment.

Risk Management

We identify the obstacles and hurdles in the way of your success and implement useful strategies to mitigate them. This includes addressing operational, staff, and technology blockers and obstacles.

Product & Service

We review your current products and services and the pricing model your business uses. We provide ongoing advice to improve and enhance the pricing model, as well as identifying future opportunities for products and services.

Competitor Review

Unified Marketing identifies and analyses your competitors to ensure that your business, service, and product is prepared to trump the competition.

Action Plan

We create a clear and concise action plan that achieves the growth strategy we set out at the beginning of the process, including all actions to be taken by your business and by ourselves at Unified Marketing.

We work with

We work with a broad range of business types, from small start up businesses through to large organisations and their marketing departments

Unified Marketing work with Business Owners

Business Owners

Unified Marketing work with organisations and their marketing departments

Organisations & Marketing Departments

Unified Marketing work with Start Up Businesses

Start Ups

Why Our Growth Strategies Work

A comprehensive growth strategy should address all aspects of marketing and growth but should be easy to understand and follow.

Mandi Davies and her team at Unified Marketing work to create a strategic approach to your business’s growth, and work within the capabilities of your business. 

All of our strategies are developed according to your business’s unique position and needs, which is why our strategic growth approach is achievable, successful, and easily implemented.

The approach Unified Marketing takes to strategic marketing and growth includes working with your team to grow its internal capabilities and put your business in a position where continued viability and growth is a part of everyday operations.

We are careful to match the growth strategy with your business’s current strengths and weaknesses so that implementation is seamless and easily achieved.

Unified Marketing is focused on key business drivers and strategic marketing methods that are proven to work. Our results and outcomes are measurable, timely, and realistic. We are honest and open with our communication and we always provide deliverables on a deadline that works for both your business and ourselves.

We are highly experienced at Unified Marketing, and we work hard to bring our expertise to clients, growing together as a partnership dedicated to your business’s success.

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